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How long have you been involved in the BDSM/Fetish Lifestyle?

 I have been actively in "the scene" for nearly 20 years and a professional Dominatrix for over 5 years of that time. I was first collared as a slave in a professional Victorian Household. That experience and later training helped Me realise My true passion and place as a Dominant. I have crawled a mile in your shackles and enjoy locking them tight.

What do you think are some of your best qualities as a Dominatrix?

  I am educated, well-traveled and use my sensuality to get what I want in all aspects of My life. 

Do you travel?

  I am based in Oklahoma, but often to travel to keep My subs, slaves and property in order.

What are some of your favorite things in the fetish world?


Sissies : feminized and humiliated, tormented and teased. I enjoy controlling and watching them squirm. I revel in the knowledge that I'm on your mind every waking moment, and I love to hear how I have invaded and changed the way you now live your life through My training and dominance.

What are some of your long-term Domination goals?

My desire is to increase my stable of devoted supplicants by a few genuinely eager submissives. I will become an integral part of your life and if you are lucky, you will also become part of mine.

Do you believe in full-disclosure/STI testing?


Do you think surprise crotchrot adds romance to a session? Me neither. I have a clean bill of health, and papers. I expect you to have the same, or if not to let Me know so preparations can be made for safe play.

Show me your cunt!!!


You first.

Are you a prostitute? How much?

Not in the traditional sense. If you are looking for a quick fuck or rub and tug, kindly exit this window.

Who designed your website and edited your photos?

The Houseboy and many other talented photographers.







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